Innovations in Battery Technology Will be Game Changing

Those advocating the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) recently have come up against some hard realities centered around the very high purchase and operating costs of EV because breakthroughs in battery technology have not yet occurred to make EVs practical. In addition, the Obama administration has made some expensive bets that manufacturers such as Tesla and Fisker will develop the silver bullet in time to warrant the investment.

In fact, the inexpensive, high performance battery that is also recycleable and safe is a holy grail that will change many products and whole industries. The high output battery will make electric cords obsolete in many applications. Imagine how cordless applications will change toasters, televisions, lights, vacuum cleaners and other appliances. Tools such as electric drills, sanders, saws and nail guns will operate with small lightweight batteries instead of the 5 pound stones that currently (groan) are in use. Electric lawn mowers will be practical. Low speed town vehicles will emerge as the efficient delivery vans of the inner city.

And there will be a paradigm shift in how we work as we rethink how lightweight batteries make other applications possible.

How else will the world change?


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